and if in 2018, I finally took time for me?

03 Jan 2018

First of all, we present to you all our best wishes of love, happiness and spiritual success for this new year! A big thank you to all of you for being so many already to bring us your trust.

Whether you are a mother or a father, a student, a retiree ... the societal pace in which we live makes us stressed, tired, and often overwhelmed (e). Food, family life, social life, work, sleep ... So many roles to play, projects to accomplish in one day, so much energy spent outside, and so little for oneself ... Therefore, at the risk of "burn out" or morale at zero, the question of "taking time for yourself" does not even arise! You are satisfied, already, to meet the necessities of everyday life and to do what is necessary ... In short, it is time to slow down!

And if you take advantage of this new year to readjust your schedule of the week, so as to release, at least once a week, a moment dedicated exclusively to your well-being?


So many opportunities are available to you today, even if only two hours of sport per week (yoga, tennis, dance, running, fitness...), ten minutes a day of sport of the spirit (mindfulness meditation) ... What does finding two hours of sport, and ten minutes a day of meditation, in a week? In a day, there is 24h, that is to say, three times 8h. It is said that the human being spends 8 hours a day of his life to sleep, 8 hours a day of his life to work, thus remaining to him last 8 hours to carry out the activities of his choice ... Anyway, we invite you to meditate on this observation.

Our advice of the day? Adopt the Spiritual Box every month! 

Through our approach, we combine all the pleasures of life in a box renewed with love and respect for our community, every month: A gourmet food pleasure and 100% organic, a body care 100% natural and vegan, a craft product under the Buddhist art of living, orienting you towards meditation, listening to your body and relaxation; a product of the energies, and taking care of your good influences (for example, the stones of lithotherapy), a work allowing you to accompany you in this process of personal development, etc ...

In short, we remain close to you and at your disposal, dear Spiritual People, and we commit again for this new year, every month, to give you the best of ourselves to bring you all the attention and all the love that you need to flourish, in relation to yourself, and realizing that if the soul is not fulfilled, the body will not be ...

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