And if one lived with the heart, and not with the mind?

18 Dec 2017

We are so many to think so much before taking up, to put all possible solutions on the table before deciding ... In short, too many, to think too much. Have you never experienced this experience where a person you just met asks you a question to get to know you better; and that, during the time she puts it to you, you are building in advance a very elaborate response ...

I think that at some point, we all go through these moments - excuse me the expression - "take the lead", for fear of not pleasing.

Why do not we let our hearts speak at the moment? Maybe we have this ego that we all have in ourselves that sometimes catches up with us It would seem that we are making mistakes by believing that we will please others by operating through the mind and by controlling our emotions ...

The advice we want to share with you is:

Be yourself

Do not cheat

Let your heart speak

It is your spontaneity and your naturalness that will attract the best energies and influences during your life. It is also the way of the heart that will lead you to the path of happiness, sharing, by the detour of altruism and benevolence.

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