If we talked about meditation?

30 Sep 2017

As she is the heroine of our first monthly box and part of spirituality, it is meditation that I want to discuss with you today!

Mindfulness meditation is a simple practice that requires concentration and attention. Concentration and attention on his body, present here and now, in a place, with its decor, its sounds, its smells.


The principle in fact is to succeed in focusing one's mind on one's inner and outer feelings, to focus as much as you need on our mind and body; to succeed in observing what is happening in us, in kindness and gentleness. To meditate is to find, as you go along, his little rituals: to sit comfortably and with dignity on his meditation bench, on his carpet, on his zafu, or quite simply, on his chair. It is to light a candle, or so light his stick incense scent sandalwood, or isolate himself in the most complete calm and sound the divine vibrations of his bowl singing ... Everyone will find his little habits in the practice. The whole thing is to bring together the conditions that seem best for us to refocus ourselves in the present moment.

Practiced regularly (every day, even if only ten minutes), meditation allows to take stock of oneself. The notion of the present takes on all its meaning, when very often it tends to wander from thoughts to thoughts, positive or negative; for indeed, it is for all of us today a difficult exercise to think only of the circuit of his breathing in our body, the position of our members in space ...

Thus, "mindfulness meditation consists in intensifying one's presence in the moment, stopping to immerse oneself in it, instead of escaping from it and wanting to modify it, by act or thought," said Christophe André in “Meditation day after day”, French psychiatrist and psychotherapist whom I admire and having given me a taste for mindfulness meditation.

Know dear Spiritual People budding, that meditation has both psychological and physical benefits! It gives you calm and serenity, more creativity and openness, but also reduces stress, fears, and fatigue. It makes it possible to improve the physiological functioning, whose imbalance can lead to immune dysfunctions, but also to improve the psychological state, namely, to have excellent ethics.

So today, take the step of mindfulness and spirituality! Take the time, the time to find yourself, to observe what is happening around you, to feel the various energies that circulate. The Spiritual Box is here today to guide you, improve your daily life with small natural touches, all in simplicity. So to your zafus! ;-)


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