New moon of the 15th of February 2018

15 Feb 2018

Good evening Spiritual People, did you know this possibility to make your New Moon wishes?

At each beginning of the lunar cycle, we speak of New Moon. This is the moment when the crescent begins to reappear. The New Moon is conducive to beginnings, new beginnings. It is a moon full of promise and potential in construction. This is the perfect time to plan, set out your intentions and attract what you want. Today, this New Moon starts at 22:05!

It is said that it is even more effective to make your wishes in the first 8 hours! That is, from 22:05 to 6:05 tomorrow morning.

- Before you begin, prepare incense or sage (if you have it, and if not, it does not matter), for your little ritual space, then, a white candle (simple), a white paper and an ink pencil.

- Sit or lie down comfortably, and meditate for a few minutes to connect to the energy of the moon, introduce yourself to her, and perform your first prayer.

- Following this meditation, this thought of full awareness of your wishes, take this blank sheet that you have prepared and start writing your wishes. It is said that it is good to write 1, 3, 6 or 9 wishes, and not beyond, so that it does not reduce the potential of accomplishing each of the wishes.

- Write your wishes in the form of positive affirmations, by using the pronoun "I", conjugated in the present, as if your wishes were already realized. No past, no future, no malice, it could turn against you. Write while being ready to receive what you ask, dispel fear and strengthen your certainty to see all your wishes materialize. It is an essential condition! 

- Finish by folding your sheet in three and place it under the candle. You will leave it until the next Full Moon where you will read again this list one last time before burning it. In the meantime, try to let go and stop thinking about it.

It's up to you to play the Spiritual People! In any case, we will make our wishes!

Sweet night, 

The Spiritual box team..

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