Our advice to fight the winter !

04 Dec 2017

It's December 4th. In 2 weeks, the Winter will be fully installed (even if this is already the case in certain regions of France, Belgium and Switzerland).

To help our immune system cope with the arrival of the first frost and snow, and to avoid colds, sore throats and other viruses typical

of the cold season, but also to maintain morale, here are some tips that the team Spiritual Box can you give!


- First, fill up on Vitamin D!

This essential vitamin in our body is produced when exposed to sunlight. So the most natural solution is to get out as much as possible. Let the light in and walk out when there is sunshine.

A little advice in +: You will also find Vitamin D in enriched soy beverages and in citrus fruits, kiwis, mangos ...


- Reduce your caffeine consumption!

To be at the best of your mental and physical shape, it is necessary to sleep well. Therefore, give a lot of importance to your sleep ... starting by consuming less coffee. Caffeine has a direct influence on the quality of your sleep, even if you feel it has no effect on you. Try, as much as possible, to take coffee only in the morning.

The little advice in +: Our grandmothers advised to take 4 drops of elixir of Volubilis 4 times a day in order to rebalance the internal clock. Taking Volubilis at sunrise will allow you to start the day full of energy. This natural remedy is a real asset to fight against caffeine addiction.


- Practice a winter sport!

The best way to enjoy winter is to combine certain activities that can not be done at any other time of the year. There are many: alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skating, etc. Find a new passion, and the cold season will certainly be much faster!

A little advice for +: For people who do not like physical activity, start a 10-minute practice per day of mindfulness meditation. This practice relieves stress, anxiety, brings you inner serenity ... You can meditate everywhere! In the countryside, in the mountains, near the fire ... it will allow you too to have your little activity of the day!


- Eat healthy !

First, eat fruits and vegetables: nothing better than their intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber in abundance. If you do not like raw fruits and vegetables, you can make soups, broths (for hydration), smoothies ... for yourself and if you do not like them "at all" (what happens! ) Do not hesitate to use the fibers, carbohydrates and proteins found in whole grains or dried fruits: rice, flour, semolina, pasta, lentils ... but also goji berries, walnuts, almonds ...

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And this is valid also for your little angels!

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