Today, I take time!

13 Oct 2017

Hello my Spiritual People,

This week, I suggest you do a little exercise! That of devoting 10 minutes of your time to find yourself. A time destined to think only of you, your body and your mind. As soon as you read this article, if it's possible for you, choose the quietest place where you are currently. Take a comfortable position, take out the ear buds if you have any, and give yourself that time ...

Today, I propose this meditation guided by Christophe André, French psychiatrist and psychotherapist quite admirable and captivating thanks to which I discovered the benefits of the meditation of mindfulness. It's up to you to let yourself be guided by the sweetness of his voice and his method, but it's the one that I decided to recommend to you to focus on the simplest but most essential element in your life: your breathing.

I now propose to click on the link below.

To all of you, good meditation and congratulations to grant you this little time, yet so important! 

I find you right after the link.


So, how are you after this little break?

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