What if I experienced meditation at work?

29 Jan 2018

Seeking to flourish in your everyday life is also flourishing in your daily work; because, in fact, we spend on average more than 99,000 hours to work, equivalent to 11 years of work during his life. Your professional activity is therefore very present in your daily life, and it is essential to pay special attention to everything going well.

We all know that "well-being at work" goes through good working conditions: health and safety, the interest of work, remuneration, the fight against stress, ergonomics, the working environment, relationships between colleagues and with his hierarchy ... Thus, work is now a vector of fulfillment and self-realization: it gives meaning to our lives and allows us to feel useful to society. The question of well-being and quality of life at work is therefore very meaningful ...

To help you improve your well-being at work, whether your working conditions are pleasant or difficult, the Spiritual Box team strongly recommends that you incorporate a spiritual practice into your professional habits: Meditation! And at any time: before starting your day, before the lunch break (avoid after eating during digestion) or during a trip if you have 5 to 10 minutes for your pleasure.

Often, as noted by the psychiatrist, Christophe André ...

Indeed, learning to meditate in the office will be very useful, since you will learn to relax in all situations and without the need of a specific place. It is easier to ask for peace in the office than at home ... ;-) No need to put yourself in the lotus position, sit back straight on your chair, feet flat on the floor, eyes closed, will be fine. If possible, isolate yourself as much as possible from outside noise. Meditation will allow you to get out of this image of seriousness that you must convey daily to your colleagues, customers and employees. This practice really helps you to be fully aware of the moment, anchor yourself and reconnect to your inner child. This will instantly relieve your symptoms of stress and anxiety.

This meditation will also invite you to develop a better image of yourself and a real love for yourself. It will teach you to recognize and accept your limits. It will engender an inner stability that will allow you to no longer depend on the variations of the outside. In the long term, practiced at work, meditation will improve your concentration and consequently your performance and creativity within the company.

Thus, Constance & Vincent of the Spiritual Box team have concocted this meditation at work to put into practice now! We wish you a sweet mindfulness meditation.

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